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NO-COAT® Drywall Corner, the epitome of optimal strength and performance for achieving the toughest, straightest edges. When coated with mud, NO-COAT® delivers extra-tough drywall corners that stand up to severe impacts and settling without blistering, bubbling, denting, or cracking. Our comprehensive range includes Outside and Inside 90°, Bullnose, L-Trim, and Arch profiles, ensuring a perfect fit for every project. The magic lies in NO-COAT's® mud-applied, easy-to-install stick lengths that provide flawless corners in record time. Featuring a high-strength, tapered copolymer core, these corners offer severe impact resistance, ensuring they won't dent or separate from the wall. Enjoy crisp sharp lines without ridges, even when faced with significant shifts due to lumber drying, settling, humidity, and temperature differences. Enter SLAM® Technology, a groundbreaking innovation in drywall corner finishing. NO-COAT's Structural Laminate (SLAM) Corner System becomes an i...See More

Features & Benefits

Provides optimal strength and performance for the toughest, straightest edge
Mud applied, NO-COAT provides extra tough drywall corners that withstand severe impacts and settling that don't blister, bubble, dent or crack
GREENGUARD Gold certified
2 Contractors Installing M2 Tech Gypsum Drywall

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