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CertainTeed's Cashmere and Cashmere High NRC mineral fiber ceiling panels, including the Customline and Style Edge options, offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance of any interior space. These high-quality mineral fiber core panels excel in sound absorption and sound blocking, effectively reducing noise levels in interior spaces and adjacent rooms. With a wide range of sizes, colors, edge details, and scoring patterns available, Cashmere panels provide endless design possibilities for interior spaces. Customline panels introduce three distinct scoring patterns, replicating complex suspension system layouts without requiring additional grid components and labor. Meanwhile, Style Edge panels offer multiple edge designs, adding depth and dimension to any interior. Easy installation and maintenance are hallmarks of these panels, as they can be effortlessly cut to size with a utility knife or saw and fit seamlessly into standard ceil...See More

Features & Benefits

High NRC
High NRC is a finely textured panel offering an upscale appearance and excellent sound absorption (up to 0.70 NRC)
Style Edge
Cashmere Style Edge offers 3 highly decorative edge details for unique ceiling visuals: Fluted Edge, Tier Reveal Edge, Ogee Edge
Cashmere Customline ceiling tiles offer linear scoring for visual impact; available in 3 scoring options
Product Declarations
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Health Product Declaration (HPD) are available for this product
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