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Flintlastic SA Arctic Edge Tape being applied

Arctic Edge™: A New Way to Enjoy the Speed of SA Year Round


By Abbey Feinstein on November 4th, 2022

Many roofing contractors dread the arrival of fall and the months of cold weather that follow. That’s because a favorite, ace-up-the-sleeve product—Flintlastic® SA self-adhered membranes—becomes more difficult to adhere the lower temperatures drop. Crews have been forced to wait for the temperature to reach 50°F and rising in order to enjoy the speed and safety benefits of Flintlastic SA membranes.

Not anymore.

We developed a simple and convenient new way to keep using Flintlastic SA membranes all year long without slowing down. You no longer need to explain to customers why work has been halted on cold mornings. Arctic Edge empowers you to provide the quality and efficiency customers demand no matter the season.

What is Arctic Edge?

Arctic Edge is a revolutionary auxiliary lap tape for cold weather application of Flintlastic SA membranes. It is designed for use during side lap and base/interply end lap application, and it functions as an alternative to slow-drying primer on metal details during cold weather.

Instead of slowing down application time with heat welded sidelaps you can grab a roll of Arctic Edge and keep projects humming. The cold lap tape stays sticky and significantly boosts Flintlastic SA adhesion in temperatures as low as 35°F.

Use as Needed. Save the Rest for Later.

One of the greatest advantages of Arctic Edge is that it can be used as needed. Temperatures can shift day to day and even hour to hour. You can kick off your project with Arctic Edge on a cold morning, then stop using the tape when it is 50°F or above and simply save the roll for later. That means you don’t have to manage winter or summer grade rolls, or end up paying for materials you don’t use, helping you to keep your project costs predictable.

Continue using proven, trusted Flintlastic SA membranes with Arctic Edge, when needed.

Don’t Let Cold Weather Slow You Down

By eliminating the need for hot air welded sidelaps and slow-curing metal primers, Arctic Edge can give your business a considerable boost. Instead of slowing down in winter and waiting for warmer weather to return, give customers faster results and finish more projects per year.

The advantages are clear:

  • Crews can get straight to work on cold mornings.
  • You can continue using standard Flintlastic SA membranes.
  • No more waiting for metal primer to cure in cold temperatures. Use Arctic Edge in place of FlintPrime® Aerosol as an adhesion promoter on metal details in cold weather.
  • Avoid the fumes, flames, and occupant disturbance of other application methods.
How to Use Arctic Edge

Using Arctic Edge is straightforward and does not require highly skilled labor. When it’s time to apply side laps and base/interply end laps, follow these basic steps:

  1. Affix Arctic Edge tape to approved substrate using a hand-held or stand-up applicator. 
  2. Remove top surface release film.
  3. Adhere desired membrane in place.

Typical application really is as easy as 1-2-3. For more detailed application instructions and product information, visit the Arctic Edge product page.

Continue Offering the Best Warranty Coverage

Arctic Edge is covered under CertainTeed’s standard Integrity Roof System (NDL) Limited Warranties for up to 25 years. CertainTeed supports Flintlastic SA roof systems with Limited (product only) warranties, and No Dollar Limit (NDL, product and workmanship) warranties when installed by CertainTeed Gold and Silver Star Contractors. Your customer’s Arctic Edge Limited Warranty will align with the type and duration of overarching Flintlastic SA Limited Warranty. For more information, see CertainTeed Commercial Roof Systems Specifications or contact Commercial Roofing Technical Services.