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LinkedIn office lobby with gray walls and Wood Beams ceilings.

Specialty Ceilings and Walls

Embrace Dramatic Design With Specialty Ceiling & Wall Systems

CertainTeed Architectural offers a world of creative high-performance solutions that can help transform a space into an environment that is sculptural and stunning. Our portfolio of innovative specialty products and solutions includes aesthetically dynamic metal, colorful fiberglass clouds and baffles, eco-friendly acoustical felt, translucent back-lit panels, natural wood, and the unexpected visual texture of perforated acoustical gypsum.

Our specialty ceiling and wall solutions are backed by a team of specialists in acoustics, installation, engineering, and innovation who make your job easier from specification to installation. Whether the goal is aesthetic architectural impact or acoustical performance, enjoy design freedom and flexibility with CertainTeed Architectural. From familiar forms and custom creations to one-of-a-kind solutions, our innovative products and world-class customer support help bring your ideas to life for any space and any budget.