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CertainTeed's Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board is a superior insulation solution designed for commercial and industrial HVAC systems. This insulation solution is made from high-quality fiberglass material and features numerous benefits that make it an ideal choice for various applications. One of the key features of CertainTeed's Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board is its exceptional thermal insulation properties. This insulation solution is designed to resist heat transfer, keeping the air inside the ductwork at the desired temperature. It has a range of R-values, which are measures of thermal resistance, allowing building owners and contractors to choose the right insulation solution for their specific needs. CertainTeed's Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board is available in a range of R-values, including R-6, R-8, R-11, and R-13. These values indicate the insulation's resistance to heat transfer, with higher values indicating better insulation performance. This range of R-values makes CertainTeed's Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board an excellent choice for various HVAC systems, from low t...See More

Features & Benefits

The fiber glass acoustical insulation attenuates unwanted cross talk, air rush and equipment noise.
Thermal Protection
The exceptional low leakage rate (SMACNA class 6), in combination with the thermal efficiency of Ultra*Duct Black, means savings in energy and improved system performance.
The air stream surface of CertainTeed duct board contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent to reduce the potential of microbial growth that may affect this product. The antimicrobial properties are intended to only protect this product.
Indoor Environmental Quality
The built-in vapor retarder on ToughGard and Ultra*Duct Black reduces the chance of condensation and the resulting chance of material and system damage caused by unwanted moisture.

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