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CertainTeed's Shangle® Ridge is a premium ridge cap shingle designed specifically for use with Grand Manor, Carriage House, Belmont, and Highland Slate shingles and is available in matching colors. This high-quality roofing accessory is made with durable materials and features a unique design that provides excellent protection against wind, rain, and other environmental factors. Shangle Ridge is a specialized type of ridge cap shingle that is designed to fit over the peak of a residential roof. It is made with high-quality asphalt and granules, which give it a durable, weather-resistant surface that can withstand the elements. Shangle Ridge design allows for easy installation and a seamless appearance on the roof. One of the key benefits of Shangle Ridge is its exceptional wind resistance. The shingle features a unique design that provides excellent protection against wind uplift, which can cause shingles to lift and detach from the roof. This design includes a reinforced nailin...See More

Features & Benefits

CertainTeed Integrity Roof System combines key elements that help ensure you have a well-built roof for long-lasting performance.
Certaseal seals roofs tight against wind and weather. Fire resistant Wind resistant Tear resistant Wind Driven Rain resistant
Lifetime limited warranty 25-year algae-resistance 15-year 110 MPH wind warranty

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