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CertainTeed's Belmont Impact Resistant Shingles are an excellent roofing solution for homeowners looking for durability and protection against weather and environmental elements. These shingles are designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, including hail and high winds, while also providing protection against unsightly algae stains. Belmont Impact Resistant Shingles are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to impact, fire, and algae. Belmont IR shingles come with a Class 4 impact rating, which is the highest possible rating for resistance to hail impact. They also come with a 30-year algae resistance warranty, making them a reliable solution for homeowners living in areas prone to algae growth. If you live in the central United States - where harsh weather calls for tougher roofing. The installation process for Belmont Impact Resistant Shingles is easy and straightforward, and they can be installed on both new and existing roofs. These shingles are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to install without requiring any specialized tools or equipment. Furthermore, the Belmont Algae and Impact Resistant Shingles can be easily integrated with traditional roofing materials, providing homeowners with a seamless and cohesive look that is both functional and stylish. In terms of cost, Belmont Impact Resistant Shingles are...See More

Features & Benefits

Superior resistance to fire and high winds
Class A fire resistance Class 4 impact resistant
Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications 30-year StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty

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