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The Volu-Matic® 300, formerly the Volu-Matic® III, is the perfect machine for attic, closed sidewall, and netted cavity insulation installation. Professional contractors value its higher product delivery rates: an innovative air control system allows you to adjust the volume of air without decreasing the pressure. A rugged drive system with two oversized gearboxes and two heavy-duty electric clutches mean less downtime and longer equipment life. One of the main advantages of the Volu-Matic 300 is its powerful performance, as it can blow loose-fill insulation at a rate of up to 2,800 pounds per hour. This allows for a fast and efficient insulation installation process. Additionally, this machine can be used with a range of CertainTeed loose-fill fiberglass insulation products, including InsulSafe SP, OPTIMA, and InsulSafe XC. The Volu-Matic 300's advanced control system is also a major selling point, as it allows for precise adjustments of the blowing rate and pressure. This syst...See More

Features & Benefits

Fully Sealed Blow
Through Air-Lock Feeder – Provides installer with a consistent flow of conditioned fiber
Air Volume Control System
Adjustable air pressure and air flow control with panel-mounted display gauge
Material Control Slide
Secondary volume and conditioning control. Allows operator to adjust fiber flow to the shredder.
Mechanical Overload Protection
Protects internal hopper components and air-lock feeder from foreign objects
Integrated Safety Features
Front, rear, and side guards surround all moving parts. In addition, an electrical interlock disables the drive mechanism when the front safety guard is opened. Easily accessible Emergency Stop switches are standard
Wired & Wireless Remote Control
Standard wired (wireless is optional) remote control gives installer the option of selecting Air Only or Air and Fiber from the point of application
Volu-Matic 300 Insulation Blowing Machine

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