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Flexible Panelized Linear Modules are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations to complement design elements, installation requirements, and acoustic performance. The installation of Flexible Panelized Linear Modules allows for improved accessibility and faster installation than traditional linear planks...See More

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Configuration & Mounting Options

Hardwood Plywood or Solid Wood Backers
3/4" Solid Wood or Veneered Composite Panel
Flexible Thermoplastic Backers
Extruded Aluminum Backers
5/8" or 3/4" Veneered Composite Planks

Reveal Options

Open Reveal
Plenum visible between planks
Solid Reveals
Obscured view of plenum between planks
Screen Reveal*
Translucent material between plenums

*Screen and Thermoplastic reveals are acceptable for use in exterior soffit applications. 

Standard Configuration Opions

L3 - Open Reveal
3" Nominal Linear Planks
L4 - Open Reveal
4" Nominal Linear Planks
L6 - Open Reveal
6" Nominal Linear Planks

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