Tejas de la serie Landmark®

The appearance of wood shake with the enhanced performance and affordability of asphalt

The Landmark family of asphalt shingles has something for everyone, everywhere. From our tried-and true Landmark architectural shingle that protects millions of homes across North America, to the luxurious sophistication of our bold Landmark TL heavyweight shingle, the Landmark Series offers an ideal product for any budget or project. Plus, each shingle in the Landmark series features multiple proven technologies and features valued by both homeowners and roofing contractors.

The classic appeal of a wood shake aesthetic is undeniable, but the material, installation, and upkeep costs of wood shake roofing are prohibitive to many homeowners. 
Landmark shingles are designed to beautifully replicate the wood shake look at a lower cost, with less maintenance, greater color variety, and inherent resistance to fire.  



Meet The Family


CertainTeed’s most popular shingle. A smartly-priced, dual-layered laminate that comes in a breadth of colors to complement the exterior of any home. See color availability and more on product page.


Landmark in Georgetown Gray



For protection against extreme elements, this tough Landmark shingle is formulated with rubberized polymers proven to help prevent damage from the impact of hail. See color availability and more on product page.


Landmark ClimateFlex in Burnt Sienna



The roofing professional’s choice. Landmark PRO offers a similar design to Landmark, but is thicker and heavier for increased performance. It includes a Max Def palette for richer, more vibrant color. See color availability and more on product page.


Landmark PRO in MAX DEF Coastal Blue



A step above LANDMARK PRO, Landmark Premium provides even more high-grade asphalt per shingle for maximum dual-layer protection. See color availability and more on product page.


Landmark Premium in Pewter
Landmark Premium in Pewter



The top-tier of the Landmark Series, this triple laminate luxury shingle has the best that Landmark has to offer. See color availability and more on product page.


Landmark TL en Shenandoah


Layers Within Layers – Certainteed Roofing Technologies

Landmark Series shingles offers a variety of technologies and features, some universal, some specially-designed for different regions and climates. What all of these have in common is that they are proven to protect and beautify homes.

QuadraBond™ Advanced Layering

This technology firmly secures the layers of a shingle together, helping roofs stand up to wind and weather so they maintain their beauty and performance. Featuring an industry-best four points of adhesion, and backed by CertainTeed’s superior manufacturer’s warranty, QuadraBond delivers exceptional quality and reliable strength against shingle delamination. Learn more.

StreakFighter® Algae Resistance

This technology provides reliable, long-term protection against the unsightly black streaks caused by algae formation. Featuring copper-infused surface granules that possess natural anti-algae properties, StreakFighter works to prevent algae from taking hold on shingles - helping roofs maintain their beauty and color. Learn more.

CertaSeal™ Wind Uplift Protection

A high-grade adhesive made from a proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers that seals shingles together on the roof to safeguard against wind uplift, shingle blow off, and moisture infiltration. Unlike harder sealants that can dry out and crack over time, CertaSeal is designed to remain pliable and accommodate the slight structural shifts caused by years of temperature and weather changes. Learn more.

NailTrak® Nailing Line

Our wide nailing area has helped contractors install our shingles with speed, accuracy, and confidence for more than a decade. NailTrak elimina las conjeturas con tres líneas definidas por separado y presenta un área grande para guiar el clavado y un área más pequeña para aplicaciones de pendientes pronunciadas extremas. Obtenga más información sobre la línea de clavos NailTrak. Más información.


This shingle technology combines our durable roofing asphalt with the performance benefits of rubberizing polymers. This results in impact-resistant shingles that offer an industry-leading Class 4 rating for protection against hail damage and hail impact, as well as superior surface granule adhesion and all-weather performance that protects year round in almost any climate or condition. Learn more.

Solaris® Cool Roof

This technology is a sustainable solution that applies energy-saving performance to our most popular shingle brands. Featuring a special granule surface blend that can reflect up to 44 percent of solar heat, Solaris helps reduce roof temperatures and heat transfer into living spaces, lessening the workloads of air conditioning system to save on energy costs. Learn more.


Superior Shingles Backed by A Superior Warranty

An Industry-Leading Product Warranty

CertainTeed’s standard manufacturer’s warranty is widely considered as being the best in the industry. Not only do we use the best raw materials and world-class manufacturing processes, and meet or exceed quality product testing by independent third parties, our products are warranted against defects with coverage that goes above and beyond what our competitors can offer.

Our product warranty covers you if there is a problem with our shingles due to an issue that occurred during the manufacturing process (commonly referred to as a manufacturing defect). Other companies will only cover you if the manufacturing defect affects their shingles’ performance or results in the roof leaking – they do not cover aesthetic defects that affect the appearance of the shingles. With CertainTeed shingles, a manufacturing defect will be covered whether your roof is leaking or not during the entire warranty coverage period, even aesthetic defects.

But don’t be befuddled by warranties – read our Straight Talk on Shingle Warranties brochure to better understand how your investment is protected.

The Added Assurance of SureStart™ Coverage

Since CertainTeed roofing products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, we confidently include, at no cost, the additional assurance of SureStart protection on all of our asphalt shingle products. SureStart provides the strongest non-prorated protection you can get in the vital early years of your new roof. Read more on SureStart here.


The Best Products, Installed by Top Contractors

When it comes to your roof, installer workmanship and product quality go hand-in-hand. That’s why we have developed education-based credentialing programs for professional roofing companies who have the know-how and experience to stand out from the crowd. When choosing the firm for your roofing project, look for the ShingleMaster™ or SELECT ShingleMaster credentials. Companies who tout these credentials are among the most respected and proven in their profession, and have installers who have received specialized instruction to assure that they possess the knowledge to install CertainTeed roofing products to our exacting specifications. You can connect with a local, credentialed contractor using our Find A Pro contractor locator database by clicking on the button below.



The Strength of a Systems Approach

A roof consists of much more than just shingles. Other components—such as underlayments, ventilation, and hip and ridge shingles—all must work together in tandem. However, don’t trust you home and everything in it to a mish-mash of products from different manufacturers. With a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System, you get a combination of high-quality CertainTeed materials designed to complement each other and maximize the longevity, protection, and performance of a roof. Plus, choosing an Integrity Roof System opens the door to enhanced SureStart PLUS™ warranty coverage options only available through CertainTeed-credentialed companies.



See it to believe it with our ColorView® Visualizer Tool

Are you ready to take inspiration to the next level? Check out our ColorView tool, which lets you mask an image of you home with any combination of CertainTeed exterior products and explore a world of design options.

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