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What is cellular PVC trim?

Cellular PVC trim is a wood replacement product made of PVC, molded into forms while in a different state than normal PVC, enabling it to be cut and shaped much like wood without wood’s disadvantages. Cellular PVC trim is like wood and is used to make trimboards, sheets and specialty millwork. It can be used instead of wood or wood-substitute trim in non-load bearing applications.

Cellular PVC can be cut, milled, shaped and routed like wood with normal woodworking tools. Because of the process used to make cellular PVC, milled edges are smooth. It is natural white throughout, and while it never needs painting, it’s easy to custom finish.

Cellular PVC is normally produced using a die with smooth walls. But, to extend the versatility of cellular PVC trim products, some manufacturers utilize an embossing roller to produce products that have the look and feel of rough-sawn wood, such as cedar. Whether smooth or woodgrain, cellular PVC trim complements vinyl, wood, stucco, fiber cement, brick and stone.

Cellular PVC is long-lasting and resists the damaging effects of wood-boring insects, freeze/thaw cycles and high humidity. Unlike wood, it will not rot, cup, split, twist or warp. And, because it is impervious to moisture, cellular PVC is particularly suited for contact with concrete, brick and stucco, and in applications where the trim is in contact with the ground.

Cellular PVC trim offers more creative design opportunities than wood because it can be heat-formed for radius applications such as arched windows and doorways. 
Sheets may be fabricated to create raised panels or decorative filigree, which is useful in many applications where curvature is involved.

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