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Small grey school building with a Flintlastic SA roof installed

A Twenty-Year-Old Flintlastic® SA Roof Worth Celebrating! 

High-Performance and Longevity for a Wisconsin Private School


Roofs are a vital component of any building, providing protection from the elements and ensuring the safety and well-being of its occupants. In 2004, the Upper School Building at Trinity Academy in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, was one of the first in the country to have a Flintlastic SA, completely self-adhered low-slope roof system installed. Home to over 45 students and staff, the Upper School building hosts traditional classes as well as community-building events and milestone celebrations. 

Twenty years later, this roof stands as one of the oldest of its kind in service, faithfully fulfilling its purpose of safeguarding the school and its students. It’s only fitting that this building and its Flintlastic SA roof are worthy of their own celebration! Roofs serve a dual purpose in educational institutions. First and foremost, they provide physical protection for the people and objects underneath, shielding them from rain, snow, wind, and other external elements. Flintlastic SA is engineered to deliver the well-known durable, resilient protection of muti-layer roof systems without application fumes or flames, and for a fraction of the traditional labor. As Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, Dean of Students at Trinity Academy stated, “We get tenacious ice and below freezing temps in the winter. The roof has had zero issues.” 

Moreover, roofs offer psychological protection and stability, creating a sense of security within the school community. When students, teachers, and staff feel confident that they are sheltered by a dependable roof, they can focus their energy on teaching, learning, and personal growth. Trinity School recognizes the importance of this psychological comfort and has experienced the benefits firsthand through its Flintlastic SA Roof System. Added Dr Mitchell, “Our roof provides the gracious architectural lines and shelter for a building which houses the education of young people. We want to inspire them with both beauty and excellence.” 

Installed in the summer of 2004, the Upper School Building features a hybrid roof consisting of Flintlastic SA low-slope and traditional shingles providing a distinctive architectural flair. The three-ply Flintlastic SA System is comprised of Flintlastic SA NailBase, Flintlastic SA PlyBase, and Flintlastic SA Cap in Driftwood. Key accessories such as FlintPrime and FlintBond were also used to facilitate an easy installation process. The durability and reliability of the Flintlastic SA Roof System not only kept schools safe but have also saved administration from the worry and stress associated with potential roof issues. With minimal maintenance and maximum longevity, leadership can allocate resources to other areas, enriching students' educational experiences. 

Noticeable only via drone, the Upper School Building has experienced some granule loss after being exposed to the elements for 20 years. However, after over 7,305 days of UV exposure, mixed in with wind and rain and, a heavy dose of snow, the fact that the roof remains watertight is a significant point of pride for Trinity School and CertainTeed.

Trinity School in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, serves as a testament to the remarkable durability and performance of the Flintlastic SA Roof System. With its two-decade-long service and excellent protection record, this roof system has proven its worth in safeguarding the school and its students, allowing the community to thrive and focus on education. A reliable roof system is an investment that reaps long-term benefits for any institution, and Trinity School's experience serves as a shining example of the difference it can make.

Upper School Building at Trinity Academy in Pewaukee, Wisconsin


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