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Save Time, Right to the Finish

Reducing labor time on an installation often comes down to reliable building products that make the intricate details of your workflow more efficient. All CertainTeed Gypsum finishing products are designed to give you those critical time-saving edges that add up over the course of the project. Our dependable primers, compounds, tapes, textures, and more help you take the job across the finish line quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money along the way.

Drywall Finishing

Finishing refers to taping together drywall pieces and covering any bumps or crevices with a mud-like drywall compound. When you complete the finishing process, you will be able to cover your walls with paint, wallpaper, tile, or any other design preference of your choice. 

The finishing process starts with applying paper or fiberglass tape over the joints of drywall pieces, and then covering the taped seams, screws, and surface imperfections (such as dents or cracks) with drywall compound. Builders will then let the compound dry before everything is sanded down to create an even, uniform surface. It is not unusual to have to perform additional rounds of compound application and sanding. 

Finishing drywall isn’t a complex process, but it does require finesse and takes time and practice to master. While some homebuilding professionals require little sanding to create a smooth finish, first-time DIYers will likely have a harder time getting the look they want.  

Beautifully finished walls require the right products. To effectively finish drywall in your home, you will need drywall taping knives, drywall compound (also called mud), a compound tray to hold your mud, drywall tape, and sandpaper or a pole sander. 

If you are ready to finish parts of your home, start with the top materials for the job provided by CertainTeed to make your walls look smooth. 

Drywall Finishing Tips