Gypsum Ceilings

Versatile and Decorative Option for Ceilings

Available in a variety of lengths and thickness, CertainTeed’s gypsum ceiling panels and tiles are designed to be a sag-resistant option for interior ceilings. They are the answer to a variety of design needs. Choose from a perforated or smooth finish, and even dramatic large-format boards for a unique aesthetic appeal.


Una opción de panel de techo de yeso para grandes imaginaciones y diseños espectaculares. Disponible en tres patrones perforados, cada superficie es lisa y se puede pintar. Ideal para auditorios, vestíbulos públicos, aeropuertos y otros espacios grandes.

These gypsum panels are vinyl faced, making cleaning a cinch. Ideal for environments where common cleaning chemicals and disinfectants are repeatedly used, such as hospitals, restrooms and commercial kitchens.

A perforated gypsum panel with sound absorbing qualities. These gypsum panels are easy to install and easy to repeatedly remove to access plenum spaces. Ideal for corridors, stores and other commercial buildings.

These large format gypsum panels are suitable for direct mounting to ceiling soffits or suspended screw mounting. With tapered edges for easy installation, these panels are perfect for conference rooms, classrooms, and offices requiring sound absorption.