Fiberglass Ceilings

Soundproof and Moisture-Resistant Commercial Ceilings

Fiberglass is one of the most effective solutions for a soundproof working environment. Perfect for offices, auditoriums, classrooms, restaurants and more commercial environments. Choose from fully concealed or semi-concealed grid panels, or direct-to-deck options for ceilings without traditional suspension systems. The low density of fiberglass ceiling panels makes for a long lasting option that’s extremely resistant to moisture.


These are frameless, free-hanging panels with superior sound absorption. Easy to clean and easy to install, these panels are the most versatile in terms of design possibilities.

Symphony F panels are ultra-durable and fitted with superior sound absorption. Ideal for open plan areas, waiting rooms, libraries, and other large spaces that require a noise blocking solution.

These fiberglass panels fully conceal the traditional grid suspension system, simulating a drywall finish. The seamless finish, coupled with sound protection, and sag-resistance, is perfect for commercial spaces.

These fiberglass panels semi-conceal their suspension system, with 5/16” gaps between panels. Ideal for commercial spaces that require superior sound absorption, these are also easy to access and clean.