Go bigger and bolder than ever before with CertainTeed's Techstyle Acoustical Ceilings. Extraordinary lightweight fiberglass panels deliver the smooth surface, acoustic control and value you expect - plus a level of design freedom you never imagined. Add Techstyle to your design tool box to achieve truly remarkable ceilings on a reasonable budget. 


The exceptionally smooth surface of Techstyle ceiling tiles elevates any space with cleaner, brighter whites, more vivid colors and more realistically detailed wood grains and patterns. With large-format panels, custom printing options, curves, clouds, and wall installations, the possibilities of Techstyle are endless.


The clean, modern lines of Techstyle White panels let you create a smooth, monolithic visual across the entire ceiling plane while maintaining premium sound absorption, durability, and sag-resistance. 

Soften the tone of a space. Add wayfinding elements. Amp up the energy with a vibrant hue. With 12 standard colors, Techstyle Color panels leverage interior paint and finish trends to bring an unexpected touch of personality to the ceiling plane. 

Achieve the warm look of wood without any of the drawbacks. Techstyle Wood Ceilings offer premium acoustics, are lightweight for easy installation, and also withstand changes in temperature and moisture levels without warping or sagging. 

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Why stop at standard colors when the unique construction of Techstyle lets you create fully custom ceiling panels? Custom color matches. Graphic geometric prints. Soothing organic forms. Stripes. Textures. Letters. Logos. Virtually any continuous repeating pattern is possible.