Construyendo barreras seguras y bonitas: Instalación apropiada de rejas

Railings add pizzazz and curb appeal to any home, but their top function is safety. That’s why CertainTeed’s sturdy EverNew Vinyl Railing System® – featuring primarily aluminum reinforced top and bottom rails and metal-to-metal connections where the brackets meet the post – is a smart choice for any homeowner.

While it can be time consuming to properly install a railing, it’s important to take the time to do it correctly. Below are a few tips from Pat Sadler, Manager, Product Application Specialists, to ease the installation process.

  1. Drill the correct-sized pilot holes - Sometimes, screw heads break off when securing the rail to the bracket. This is because either no pilot hole was drilled or too small of a hole was drilled. To avoid this, drill an 9/64” hole through the side rail into the bracket. The #8 screw will then go in with ease.
  2. Leave off the railing bracket covers during installation - Railing bracket covers can get in the way when you try to drive the screws through the bracket and into the post. Leave off the covers, but make sure all the screws are correctly in place. Then, take the bracket cover and cut the underside with vinyl snips and wrap the bracket cover around the rail.
  3. Measure and cut correctly - When measuring and cutting the rails, remember that nowhere on the railing should allow the passage of a 4” sphere. Especially look for this on the ends where the rail meets the post.
  4. Use crush blocks - Crush blocks should be used on all Kingston  sections. A good rule of thumb is, if it’s in the box, you should use it.
  5. Keep your fingers safe - Cutting stair bracket covers is a challenge and, yes, your fingers could get dangerously close to the saw blade. CertainTeed has now changed the mold and made the covers longer. To protect your fingers and keep them well away from the blade, put two bracket covers on a piece of scrap material and plastic wrap them securely in place. With two on the scrap, they will sit flat on the saw table and flat against the saw fence, allowing you to make two angle cuts. Never try cutting the bracket covers alone.

Take a look at our installation videos to learn how to measure, mark and cut rails, and layout and make stair sections and gates. As always, the most important thing is to always follow instructions and ask questions if needed.

For more information, contact your local territory manager or call 800-233-8990.


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