Over the years our trade infrastructure has broken down. The sense of pride in working with your hands, eroded. Although construction is among the fastest-growing industries, there are challenges in finding and training capable employees across all disciplines.

Just ask the builder whose worksite remains inactive while he tracks down talent, the architect who has a vision but lacks a team with the technical knowledge to execute, the DIYer frantically trying to stop a leak in his YouTube-installed pipe, and they’ll tell you, these skills are desperately needed. 

That is why CertainTeed is partnering with Fine Homebuilding and SkillsUSA to help rebuild the skilled labor force. This year CertainTeed will donate $20,000 in scholarships to honor and support students interested in pursuing a trade. We are also starting an initiative to gather the stories of the tradesmen and women out there working hard every day.

Together we can close this gap. It won’t be easy, but then again, easy is not for everyone. 



Far Reaching Consequences 

Construction is a huge part of the economy but without a full labor force building has been constrained forcing housing costs up. In this video we explore how to help bridge the skill gap and get America growing again.

Look at any construction site and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone under the age of 40. During the building recession we lost many younger laborers who were forced to pursue other opportunities. Now we need some ideas on how to rebuild our construction skilled labor pool. 

This year $70,000 in scholarships were awarded to students in construction-related fields, an increase from $25,000 given last year. This dramatic increase is due in part to the positive impact of industry leaders and strong focus on closing the “skills gap.”

We know there are a lot of talented people in the trades and we think it’s about time everyone else did too. How did you come to the trades? Was it a vocational program, an apprenticeship? Tell your story. Read a story. Stand proud. Inform a generation.

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CertainTeed Roofing, Siding and Insulation groups have personally trained over 50k contractors in the past five years with even more being trained through online and self-study courses.

Fine Homebuilding launched #KeepCraftAlive to raise awareness around the skilled labor shortage and to help close this gap through awareness and skills training.