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Flintlastic SA®

20+ years of protection for a fraction of the labor costs without fumes and flames

Why Self-Adhere?


No roofing contractor will argue the durability benefits of multi-ply (multiple layer) bituminous (asphaltic) roofing – it’s been protecting properties and the assets within for over 100 years.  But the traditional methods of application are either laborious, pose higher safety risk or smell – often disturbing building occupants.  Self-adhered modified asphalt roofing delivers the benefits of this time-tested roofing material without the challenges. And in addition to being faster to install, which we’ve proven, it’s easier to learn.

Flintlastic SA has been the leading self-adhered solution for almost 20 years.  It’s bond strength is unparalleled as is the support we’ve put behind it.  Whether roofing a residence or commercial building, learn why more contractors choose Flintlastic SA.


Popular Systems

12-25-year warranted systems over nailable roof decks, such as plywood, where best roofing practice is to mechanically attach a base sheet:

Warranty DurationInsulationBaseInterplyCap
12-YearsOptionalFlintlastic SA NailBase--Flintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)
15-YearsOptionalFlintlastic SA NailBaseFlintlastic PlyBaseFlintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)
20-YearsOptionalFlintlastic SA NailBaseFlintlastic SA MidPlyFlintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)
25-YearsRequiredFlintlastic SA NailBaseFlintlastic SA MidPlyFlintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)


15-25-year warranted systems over substrates approved for self-adhered base sheets

NOTE: Self-adhesion direct to plywood decks is permitted where local codes allow, supported by the product-only Integrity Roof System Limited Warranty; product/workmanship Integrity Roof System No Dollar Limit Limited Warranty is not extended to this application.

Warranty DurationInsulationBaseInterplyCap
15-YearsOptionalFlintlastic SA PlyBase--Flintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)
20-YearsOptionalFlintlastic SA MidPly--Flintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)
25-YearsDouble Layer, Second Layer AdheredFlintlastic SA MidPly--Flintlastic SA Cap (FR) (CoolStar)
Base & Interply Sheets
Cap Sheets